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To purchase a license key for any of our games, please visit our Online Store. It's fast, easy, and secure. There is No DRM beyond the simple license key. Thank you for your support of our games!

Important!  When you buy the game, you actually get both games for the price of one.  All pre-existing customers of AVWW1 get Valley 2 for free, and all future customers of Valley 2 get AVWW1 as a bonus.

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We've been asked if the game contains any significant DRM, and the answer is, emphatically, no. We've got a simple license key (which turns the trial version into the full version), but that's it. No need to contact our servers during install, no hidden drivers, no encryption, or install limits.

We want to make it easy on our customers, and we've never really felt like DRM works, anyway. If you like our games, please buy them so that we can make more, but we're not about to start treating our real customers like thieves just to thwart the inevitable pirates.


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