To install the game, all you have to do is download and run the Tidalis Setup File from below. This game runs in trial mode until unlocked via a purchased license key. Trial mode disables some features, most notably: all the editors; custom games; player-created or standalone levels; quick games limited to 2 minutes each; only the first 15 levels of adventure mode available; not all special blocks, game modes, and so forth are available.

Play Tidalis Lite In Your Browser!

Not feeling up to a full download at the moment? Try the lite version first! The "lite" version of the game is a free, scaled-down web-based edition of the game. The lite version and the downloadable demo version have a lot of overlap in what they give away for free, but there's quite a bit that is only in one version or the other. The lite version is the quickest, easiest way to dip your toes into the game: it's only a 6.7mb download, assuming you already have the unity web player (which is tiny, anyway).



We've been asked if the game contains any significant DRM, and the answer is, emphatically, no. We've got a simple license key (which turns the trial version into the full version), but that's it. No need to contact our servers during install, no hidden drivers, no encryption, or install limits.

We want to make it easy on our customers, and we've never really felt like DRM works, anyway. If you like our games, please buy them so that we can make more, but we're not about to start treating our real customers like thieves just to thwart the inevitable pirates.


Bug? Suggestion?

Found a bug or want to suggest a feature?  Please visit the Idea Tracker.